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Re: Linear Programing

From: g940100
Subject: Re: Linear Programing
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 22:34:45 +0900

Hello all,

   I tryed "octave-2.1.31" and "semidef". It seemed to go quite well,
but at the end an error happened. The messeges are these;

octave:1> demosp
Octave implementation of Vandenberghe and Boyd's semidef package

  [ 1] educational testing problem
  [ 2] linear programming
  [ 3] matrix norm minimization
  [ 4] stability margin problem
  [ 5] quit

pick a number, any number: 1

educational testing problem: maximize the trace of a diagonal
matrix D > 0 such that A - D >=0 for a given positive definite
matrix A

Command: help etp
Press a key to execute command  executing
etp is the user-defined function from the file

[d,Q] = etp(A);

Command: [d,Q] = etp(a)
Press a key to execute command  executing
error: invalid character `' near line 60, column 2
parse error near line 60 of file 

error: `sp' undefined near line 79 column 22
error: evaluating index expression near line 79, column 22
error: called from `etp' in file 
error: near line 28 of file 
error: evaluating switch command near line 10, column 2
error: near line 65 of file 

   Do you know why it does not work well?


Tomoaki Yamauchi
University of Tokyo, Japan

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