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operation x=x(:)

From: oliver . eichler
Subject: operation x=x(:)
Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 21:22:28 +0200 (CEST)


I am testing the ability of octave to replace MatLab in my company. One of the
biggest drawbacks to use it is the missing ´x=x(:)´ operation. For all not
knowing what it does: it will convert any colum or row vector into a colum
vector. Many of our MatLab scripts and toolboxes rely on this to convert any
vector into a defined state. I can´t realy imagine it is not implemented sofar.
but where do I have to hit octave to do it?

Another topic - if anyone of the maintainers is listening:
Taken the case I think octave is able to replace MatLab I would like to port
a good part of MatLab´s signal toolbox with the help of an internship. I would
be very happy if one of the ocatve team could tell me how this can be done
without violating the legal rights of MathWorks. Of course we would follow the
little pledge from octave´s signal toolbox help and share the results ;)


Oliver Eichler

DSP Solutions
Ingenieure Kellermann, Hoepfel, Voigt, Eichler, Weidner

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