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Re: Help with running octave within xemacs

From: heberf
Subject: Re: Help with running octave within xemacs
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 11:34:42 -0500 (CDT)

I use xemacs-20.0-b29 and it sort of works.  I have no problem running octave 
but the auto indent feature of octave mode seems to be broken.  It works fine 
for lines that begin with for, if, while etc but it chokes on endfor, endif, 
etc.  The message it gives is

Invalid function: (macro . #<compiled-function (from "replace.elc") (n 
string) "...(41)" 

this may or may not be related to the problem you are having.  Mine is an 
inconvenience but yours is more serious obviously.


P.S.  Let's all get out our checkbooks for the Octave development donation.  I 
know I will.

> Hi!
> I have some questions about xemacs-20.4. Before I useed emacs-20.x but
> now I use xemacs-20.4 mostly becous it has a nice look. Before I could
> run octave within emacs, but now when I try to run octave in xemacs-20.4
> (M-x run-octave) or enter the octave-mode (M-x octave-mode) I get the
> following messages:
>         Unknown keyword octave-auto.indent
> and octave will not started as it done before.
> I have update the new .emacs file with the same code with respect to
> octave which I had in my old .emacs file. So with respect to octave code
> it should be equal. What happen? And what is wrong.
> I have heard that there is people who run octave within xemacs and it's 
> work fine. So I wonder if there is some octave.el or something?
> I use Linux Red Hat 5.0.
> Thanks.
> // Miche
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