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Help with running octave within xemacs

From: Michael Numminen
Subject: Help with running octave within xemacs
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 12:14:27 +0200


I have some questions about xemacs-20.4. Before I useed emacs-20.x but
now I use xemacs-20.4 mostly becous it has a nice look. Before I could
run octave within emacs, but now when I try to run octave in xemacs-20.4
(M-x run-octave) or enter the octave-mode (M-x octave-mode) I get the
following messages:

        Unknown keyword octave-auto.indent

and octave will not started as it done before.

I have update the new .emacs file with the same code with respect to
octave which I had in my old .emacs file. So with respect to octave code
it should be equal. What happen? And what is wrong.

I have heard that there is people who run octave within xemacs and it's 
work fine. So I wonder if there is some octave.el or something?

I use Linux Red Hat 5.0.


// Miche

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