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Help with running octave within xemacs

From: Michael . Numminen
Subject: Help with running octave within xemacs
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 15:13:40 +0200

> On 16-Apr-1999, Michael Numminen <address@hidden> wrote:
> | I have some questions about xemacs-20.4. Before I useed emacs-20.x but
> | now I use xemacs-20.4 mostly becous it has a nice look. Before I could
> | run octave within emacs, but now when I try to run octave in xemacs-20.4
> | (M-x run-octave) or enter the octave-mode (M-x octave-mode) I get the
> | following messages:
> | 
> |         Unknown keyword octave-auto.indent
> | 
> | and octave will not started as it done before.
> | 
> | I have update the new .emacs file with the same code with respect to
> | octave which I had in my old .emacs file. So with respect to octave code
> | it should be equal. What happen? And what is wrong.
> | 
> | I have heard that there is people who run octave within xemacs and it's 
> | work fine. So I wonder if there is some octave.el or something?
> | 
> | I use Linux Red Hat 5.0.
> Hmm.  It works for me with XEmacs 20.4 and the Emacs Lisp files that
> are distributed with Octave 2.0.14.
> I'm not sure what the problem could be.  I'm certainly no expert on
> the differences between GNU Emacs and XEmacs.

There should be some small diffrents between GNU Emacs and Xemacs, but I don't
know what's the diffrent is. These small diffrents should'nt influence the 
running becous there lot's of are people who run emcas within Xemacs I have

> What version of Octave do you have?  Are you using .elc files that
> were byte compiled with a different version of Emacs?

I use Octave 2.0.13 but I shall upgrade to 2.0.14, I just saw that there is a
newer Octave release.

I have found some elisp files to emacs which should allow emacs to run octave.


I have tryed to byte compile these files, but when I do that I get the following

  ** The following functions are not known to be defined: 
    event-start, posn-window, mouse-choose-completion, read-event,
    inferior-octave, inferior-octave-send-list-and-digest

While compiling toplevel forms:
  !! error (("Unknown keyword octave-auto-indent"))

  !! error (("Unknown keyword octave-auto-indent"))

I must say that, I'm not an elisp freak so I don't really understand what's 
and what's happen.

I have tryed to implement the elisp expression which I found from the Octave
manual pages. It was these lines I have in my .emacs file when it's works.
I have also tryed to implement the following lines to my .emacs file:

(setq load-path (append (list
"/opt/local/xemacs-20.4/lib/xemacs-20.4/lisp/octave") load-path))
(autoload 'octave-mod "octave-mod" "octave major mode" t)
(autoload 'octave-make-buffer "octave-mod" "open a buffer in ocatve mode" t)
(setq auto-mode-alist (append '(("\\.m$" . octave-mod)) auto-mode-alist))

When I use the configuration shown above I get the following message when I type
M-x octave-mod:

Signaling: (error "Unknown keyword octave-auto-indent")
  signal(error ("Unknown keyword octave-auto-indent"))
  cerror("Unknown keyword %s" octave-auto-indent)
  apply(cerror ("Unknown keyword %s" octave-auto-indent))
  error("Unknown keyword %s" octave-auto-indent)
  custom-handle-keyword(octave-auto-indent :version "20.3" custom-variable)
  custom-declare-variable(octave-auto-indent nil "*Non-nil means indent line
after a semicolon or space in Octave mode." :type boolean :group octave :version
  load-internal("octave-mod" nil nil nil binary)
  load("octave-mod" nil nil nil)
  command-execute(octave-mod t)

So I wonder what's wrong. Do you think it's hard to get work?

And last, I will thank's for the great Octave. It is very powerfull.


// Miche

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