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Re: Formalizing teams

From: indieterminacy
Subject: Re: Formalizing teams
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2021 16:37:28 +0100

Good catch!

TBH, I did wonder whether the feudal eptimology of the English word may
raise eyebrows.

Hartmut Goebel <> writes:

> Am 23.12.21 um 22:51 schrieb Jonathan McHugh:
>> I reckon 'coterie' is more elegant a term:
> IMHO we chould not use this term.
> The German translation is "Seilschaft", "Kl√ľngel" - both of which have
> negative meaning: Working together to the benefit of the members of
> the group only - ignoring common interest.

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