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Re: Formalizing teams

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: Re: Formalizing teams
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2021 10:44:59 -0500

Lars-Dominik Braun writes:

> Hi Maxim,
>> I've grown to like our apparent lack of structure; we interact globally
>> on any topic of interest and the discussions all happen in a shared
>> space, which makes it easy to stay informed with everything that's going
>> on (do we really need more mailing lists to follow?  I don't think so --
>> our current volume doesn't warrant it).
> to me this is a disadvantage. I don’t have enough time at my hands to
> look at every single thread and patch in my inbox and decide whether
> I can/want to work on it. Thus I’d prefer if I could unsubscribe
> from -patches (I’m not even subscribed to -bug/-commit) and instead
> only look at bugs/patches/commits related to packages/components I’m
> interested into/I actually use.

Fwiw public-inbox indexes the file name from diffs, so you might find
searching with the "dfn:" against the archive at
<> useful.  For example:

Or with public-inbox's lei (from v1.7.0, which isn't yet packaged for
Guix), you could dump those results to a maildir:

  $ lei q -o /tmp/mdir --mua mutt \
    -I dfn:gnu/packages/python-web.scm 
  # later: update with new results and visit in mutt
  $ lei up --mua mutt /tmp/mdir

If you're interested, I went into a bit more detail about this at

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