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[Enigma-devel] Re: Bugs in version 0.90

From: Daniel Heck
Subject: [Enigma-devel] Re: Bugs in version 0.90
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 13:03:27 +0200


Thanks for your many bug reports.  I will tackle them one by one as soon
as I find some time.  Please be patient, I won't have much time for
Enigma until July.

> 6)  Levels that I have completed in version 0.81 register as completed
> in version 0.90, but if I complete one in version 0.90 and then close
> the game, when I reopen it, these levels no longer show as completed. 
> If I copy a new level into version 0.81 and solve it there, it then
> shows as completed in both versions.

This is a bug in the Windows version, I'm glad you noticed this.  It
works fine on Unix, though.

> 8)  With regard to dimming the completed levels in the level menu, I
> don't think this is working properly either.  While I am still not in
> favor of dimming out the completed levels (and I thought that you,
> Daniel, had reversed this change), it seems that a couple of levels
> that I have solved do not get dimmed, but in general, even the
> unsolved levels appear to be dimmed.

All level except for the currently selected one are dimmed out, that's
intentional.  I think it look good that way...

> 9)  I don't understand the "training" vs. "tournament"  button.  What
> effect is it supposed to have?

None at the moment.  The idea was to make "tournament" similar to the
original Oxyd games, i.e., you have to play all levels in order and need
to complete level to gain access to new ones.  The "training" mode would
be identical to what we have now; it would let you choose whatever level
you want to play.

A good idea, but I think Enigma's current set of levels is too
heterogenuous for this.

> 10)  The button to skip to the next unsolved level is no longer there,
> yet in the manual you refer to it.  I, personally, would prefer to
> have this button back.

I think this button will return for version 0.9

> 11)  The level called Star Trek still does not appear in this version.
>  I know that it is similar to Esprit 100, but it is not exactly the
>  same.  It should be readded to the game.

ok, I will put it back.

Thanks a lot!

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