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[Enigma-devel] Bugs in version 0.90

From: slfabian
Subject: [Enigma-devel] Bugs in version 0.90
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 11:29:00 -0400

After looking at the "unofficial" version 0.90, I had a few comments about bugs, etc.
1)  Two levels that I have discovered so far do not load at all and give error messages.  These are Welcome and The Grim Reaper, both in Enigma 1.  Many other levels cause the game to crash and close down completely if you hit escape.
2)  Levels with keys are not working properly.  I only found a few keys that would actually work.  Also, I find that having the key remain in the inventory after you use it becomes very confusing in some levels (Locksmith, for example).  It was better before.  Perhaps you should rethink this change.
3)  Levels with rings also do not seem to work properly.  After you use the ring, it places it back on the landscape, presumably making it usable again if you pick it up again.
4)  In levels with moveable impulse stones, such as Stay There and U-Swap (easy mode) where you have another life if you get crushed, the marble doesn't respawn properly when crushed.  It just stays under the impulse stone, and then you can't complete the level.  By the way, is U-Swap even possible in the easy mode?  I've only been able to do the normal mode.
5)  The game doesn't seem to differentiate between whether you have completed the level in easy mode only...it still lists as completed in normal mode.  If, however, you have only completed the normal mode and not the easy mode, it doesn't register as having the easy mode done.
6)  Levels that I have completed in version 0.81 register as completed in version 0.90, but if I complete one in version 0.90 and then close the game, when I reopen it, these levels no longer show as completed.  If I copy a new level into version 0.81 and solve it there, it then shows as completed in both versions.
7)  Not all levels have par times.  While most of the par times given seemed relatively fair, there were a few that seemed utterly ridiculous.  I find it extremely hard to believe that Dustwalkers, for example, could be completed in 38 seconds!
8)  With regard to dimming the completed levels in the level menu, I don't think this is working properly either.  While I am still not in favor of dimming out the completed levels (and I thought that you, Daniel, had reversed this change), it seems that a couple of levels that I have solved do not get dimmed, but in general, even the unsolved levels appear to be dimmed.
9)  I don't understand the "training" vs. "tournament"  button.  What effect is it supposed to have?
10)  The button to skip to the next unsolved level is no longer there, yet in the manual you refer to it.  I, personally, would prefer to have this button back.
11)  The level called Star Trek still does not appear in this version.  I know that it is similar to Esprit 100, but it is not exactly the same.  It should be readded to the game.
Well, this is all I can think of right now.  I am not subscribed to the mailing list, and for some reason, the mailing list archive site seems to have been removed from the internet (??), so please respond to my email rather than just to the mailing list.
Stephanie Fabian

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