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Re: Planning an EmacsConf infrastructure meeting

From: Leo Vivier
Subject: Re: Planning an EmacsConf infrastructure meeting
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2021 20:19:12 +0100

Hi bandali, all,

bandali@gnu.org writes:

> Based on initial discussions in #emacsconf-org, it seems that the best
> time for such a meeting would be an afternoon or evening in US Eastern
> time on a weekend.  Example: Sunday, December 5, 7pm US Eastern time.

Just so that we may coordinate, here’s a list of different timezones
for that time:

PST   16:00 [-08]        GMT   00:00 [+00]
MST   17:00 [-07]        CET   01:00 [+01]
CST   18:00 [-06]
EST   19:00 [-05]

(Sorry, I don’t have other timezones yet; my script needs more
work. :o) )

I’m usually awake 0500Z-2000Z, so it doesn’t look like it’ll be easy for
me to join you.  I’d rather step down so that all of the others may join
in, and we’ll adapt next time.


Leo Vivier
Freelance Software Engineer
Website: www.leovivier.com | Blog: www.zaeph.net

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