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Re: [O] Stable releases

From: Thomas S . Dye
Subject: Re: [O] Stable releases
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2015 13:56:43 -1000

Bastien <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Rasmus,
> Rasmus <address@hidden> writes:
>> One data point: I can absolutely not be bothered using anything that is
>> not at least in contrib.
> Just out of curiosity: don't you use the Emacs package system at all?
> I used not to use it, but thanks to recent improvements, I find it
> quite good now -- and I would not mind using Org packages from there.

The package system appears to be quite popular in the Org mode world.

There are a dozen ob-* languages distributed by the package system
vs. eight in contrib.  There are fifteen ox-* exporters available
through the package system vs. eleven in contrib.

Download statistics from Melpa indicate several of the packages are
quite popular.  ox-reveal has been downloaded more than 4,000 times, and
ox-pandoc and ox-gfm (Github flavored markup) more than 1,000 times.
The babel languages are less popular, but ob-browser (for html),
ob-ipython, ob-mongo, and ob-sml have all been downloaded more than 300

Melpa has 91 org-* packages. The packages evil-org, org-bullets, and
org-fstree have all been downloaded more than 10,000 times.  There are
ten others with more than 1,000 downloads.

All the best,

Thomas S. Dye

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