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Re: [O] [OFF TOPIC] almost giving up on emacs email..looking for advice?

From: Xebar Saram
Subject: Re: [O] [OFF TOPIC] almost giving up on emacs email..looking for advice?
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2015 20:21:15 +0300

thank so much everyone for your great tips and comments

you gave me more energy to further pursue  gnus and or mu4e

thanks again


On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 7:50 PM, Titus von der Malsburg <address@hidden> wrote:

Seconded.  Mu4e is one of my favorite things in Emacs and makes a big
difference in my professional life.  Its search capabilities are similar
to those offered by Gmail but Mu4e is faster and I don’t need to be
online.  I wrote helm-mu to optimize the search experience even further
(gives you instant search results as you type):


As an alternative to offlineimap, I recommend mbsync (also known as
isync) which is faster and overall more mature and reliable.


On 2015-08-06 Thu 07:31, John Kitchin wrote:
> I am a happy mu4e + offlineimap user since January. Gmail is my mail
> server, and I also check mail by phone, tablet, sometimes browser. I run
> on a Mac with no issues so far. I would guess you could get a similar
> setup on Linux easily enough. I never got a good solution on Windows.
> To be fair, I have it set up to only update every 20 minutes, which I
> like, and I can force it to update when I want, or sometimes I switch to
> a browser at times where I need real-time updates. Most of the time I
> don't want that though!
> I did hack some things to get it more like the gmail experience I am
> accustomed to like archiving, and I did hack a function to remove myself
> from replies.
> (defun remove-kitchin-emails ()
>   "Removes me from the CC list. I do not need my own emails that I send."
>   (interactive)
>   (message-goto-cc)
>   (save-restriction
>     (let ((end (point))
>           (start))
>       (beginning-of-line)
>       (setq start (point))
>       (narrow-to-region start end)
>       (mapc
>        (lambda (email-to-remove)
>          (beginning-of-line)
>          (when  (re-search-forward email-to-remove nil t)
>            (replace-match "")))
>        '("John Kitchin <address@hidden>,?"
>          "John Kitchin <address@hidden>,?"
>          "address@hidden,>"
>          "address@hidden,>"
>          "address@hidden,?"))))
>   (message-goto-to)
>   (when (message-field-value "To")
>     (message-goto-body)))
> ;; append and make local
> (add-hook 'mu4e-compose-mode-hook 'remove-kitchin-emails t)
> I also built a helm-contacts completion tool that is better than the
> completion I could use out of the box.
> Anyway, it took a while to get what I wanted, but I have hardly any
> complaints about it now that it works!
> Xebar Saram writes:
>> Hi list
>> I know this is a bit off topic but im desperately looking for some advice
>> regarding email through emacs.
>> i have tried a bunch of them over the last month (gnus, mu4e, wanderlust,
>> rmail,mew and maybe other i forget).
>> I had various levels of success with each one to setup (it was never easy)
>> but i ended up sorta settling on mu4e. the problem is that mu4e never
>> managed to work properly for me (headers were not updating when new mail
>> arrived, reply was broken etc) so i had to give up
>> What i want is basically pretty simple. an easy to setup email for emacs,
>> but one that would work tightly with gmail since i do a lot of mail
>> checking on the road via my cellphone.
>> any advise. recommendations or setups that maybe people are willing to
>> share?
>> thx so much in advance
>> Z

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