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Re: [O] [OFF TOPIC] almost giving up on emacs email..looking for advice?

From: Peter Davis
Subject: Re: [O] [OFF TOPIC] almost giving up on emacs email..looking for advice?
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2015 08:50:36 -0400

Xebar Saram <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi list
> I know this is a bit off topic but im desperately looking for some
> advice regarding email through emacs.
> i have tried a bunch of them over the last month (gnus, mu4e,
> wanderlust, rmail,mew and maybe other i forget). 
> I had various levels of success with each one to setup (it was never
> easy) but i ended up sorta settling on mu4e. the problem is that mu4e
> never managed to work properly for me (headers were not updating when
> new mail arrived, reply was broken etc) so i had to give up
> What i want is basically pretty simple. an easy to setup email for
> emacs, but one that would work tightly with gmail since i do a lot of
> mail checking on the road via my cellphone.
> any advise. recommendations or setups that maybe people are willing to
> share?

I don't know about mu4e, but there are lots of sites that discuss setting up 
gnus to work with GMail, including example files,
etc. Just Google "gnus gmail" and you'll find many results.

I'm using gnus with Fastmail.fm. It was difficult to set up initially, but once 
I got it working, it's been easy to maintain,
move to new machines, etc. Also, I like the fact that I can keep finding new 
features and customizations to add.


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