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Re: [O] [New exporter] Wrong export to LaTeX

From: Suvayu Ali
Subject: Re: [O] [New exporter] Wrong export to LaTeX
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 12:24:34 +0200
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Hi Nicolas,

Let me clarify to see if I understood things correctly.

On Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 07:54:02PM +0200, Nicolas Goaziou wrote:
> > However when I try to export to beamer (Seb's ECM) without the
> >
> >   (add-to-list 'org-e-latex-classes '("beamer" ...))
> With a minimal setup, the ECM won't export because the file explicitly
> asks for a "beamer" class, which isn't defined.
> In other words, you can use Beamer back-end on any class, as long as
> this class is defined in `org-e-latex-classes'. It doesn't have to be
> named "beamer".

Okay, I do follow this.  However, doesn't LaTeX_CLASS determine what
goes into the \documentclass{class name} directive?  If so, does having
\begin{frames}..\end{frames} in the exported tex make sense if the
documentclass directive says, for example, article?

What I'm getting at is, without the LaTeX_CLASS set to beamer, the
crucial \documentclass{beamer} directive is missing and the exported
LaTeX document won't be compilable[1].  Given the preceding comments are
correct, I would then say having a "beamer" class already defined in
org-e-beamer will save new users some trouble.  Is my analysis valid, or
am I grossly wrong?

> > bit, I get a backtrace (attached).  Is that a bug?
> This is strange. The error comes from a void function, although it is
> defined in org.el. I suppose you get the error because you use
> `load-library' instead of `require'. You may want to (load-library
> "org") to fix it.

I think I know what went wrong; I had misunderstood your comment
earlier and had exported with the beamer backend Seb's original ECM.  Of
course it fails because it explicitly asks for the "beamer" class when
that was not defined.



[1] I tried this with the LaTeX_CLASS set to article, and there were
    errors in the exported pdf.


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