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Re: [O] [New exporter] Wrong export to LaTeX

From: Suvayu Ali
Subject: Re: [O] [New exporter] Wrong export to LaTeX
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 17:35:14 +0200
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Hi Sebastien,

On Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 04:41:47PM +0200, Sebastien Vauban wrote:
> So, in my case, removing the above line does not solve anything.
> There must be something obviously wrong somewhere (in my setup?) but I don't
> find what at this moment...

I am attaching what I get with your ECM and my minimal emacs setup.  I
hope that will help narrow it down.

I export like this:

  $ emacs -Q --batch -l ~/.emacs.d/minimal-e-export.el beamer-test.org \
          -f org-e-beamer-export-to-pdf -f kill-emacs


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