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Re: [Orgmode] Another GTD question.

From: Piotr Zielinski
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Another GTD question.
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 19:11:22 +0200


In relation to Carsten's email, I'd like to ask about possible
integration of headings and plain lists.  I remember that such
integration was difficult because of the implementation of
outline-mode, but I don't know the details.  In case this is possible,
here are a few reasons why I'd like it:

1. As opposed to headings, plain list items can consists of more than
  one line.  On the other hand, they cannot be assigned tags or
  marked TODO.  So, sometimes, one has to use one or the other.  This
  is especially problematic, if you would like a TODO item below a
  multi-line plain list item.  It would be great if the features of
  headings and plain lists could be, at least to some extent,

2. Code duplication.  At the moment, AFAIK, you need to write separate
  code for headings and plain lists.  Also, some features exist for
  both but in different forms, for example, TODO/DONE for headings is
  essentially the same as [ ]/[X] for plain lists.  I don't mind
  having different representation for the same concept as long as
  their share the same handling code.

However, I feel that any attempt at integrating integrating headings
and plain lists would require a significant rewrite.  Carsten, could
you please comment on the main difficulties of such integration?


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