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RE: [Orgmode] Another GTD question.

From: Eddward DeVilla
Subject: RE: [Orgmode] Another GTD question.
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 19:39:58 -0500

On 10/21/06, Christopher Kuettner <address@hidden> wrote:
Aside from that...

What is the basic design model for org-mode?  What is org supposed to
be?  Where it is headed? I thought I  got an outliner with
dates-capabilities.  No it's almost a full fledged publishing platform...

I think you did a terrific job so far.  Maybe you have to make some
fundamental decisions here...

Those are some interesting questions.  I certainly can't answer any of
them, but I don't know one aspect of Org that I hope is maintained.
It's really flexible.  Kind of like perl.  It has a lot of little
nifty features that you can use to manage and organize information (to
tasks, or whatever) and use can use any subset you want.  You can
learn it incrementally.  (...as I have.  It sound popular but I
haven't even touched the publishing...)  None of the features really
require the use of any other feature except maybe agenda and agenda is
just a flexible interface for gathering the information marked and
managed by the other features.  (Dates, tags, Todo state...)  Yet all
of the features work well together.  There's more that one way to do
most things.

I don't really understand GTD, elisp or project management that I
would try to guess a good direction for Org-mode, but I do hope it is
able to maintain a design where you can pick and choose the features
and assemble them as they suit you instead of trying to impose a
framework or style.

And yes, Carsten and company of done an excellent job.  For all I've
pestered him and the list, I don't say that enough.  I just picked
org-mode because I was looking for a replacement an orphaned outliner
that I depended on.  Org turned out to be better in many ways and has
since surpassed it in all ways.  It's changed how I manage list,
projects, todo and information in general.  I'm actually excited to
see how it will grow.  You've done great.

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