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Re: [Orgmode] Another GTD question.

From: Piotr Zielinski
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Another GTD question.
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 16:41:31 +0200


Org-mode is a major part of my GTD scheme, however, there are some
tasks for which I think it's not ideal.  One example are lists of
"lightweight" items; items that are not critical and nothing seriously
bad would happen if they are forgotten.  Interesting webpages to read
or papers to read/print are good examples.


The following requirements describe the problem:

1. Adding new items must be as easy as possible, preferably just a
  single click of the browser button "Mark this page for future
  reading".  This is the most important requirement, which is not
  currently met by org-mode.

2. The list works like a stack: adding is possible only on the top.
  This keeps the items on the list in the approximate order of
  decreasing relevance to my current interests.

3. Only the say 10 most recent items are of any relevance.  If any
  earlier items haven't been acted upon, they are not relevant
  enough: I have at least 10 more interesting things to do.  I don't
  want to see such items; if they become relevant in the future I can
  always add them again.


1. "To Read" for webpages/papers I want to read
2. "To Print" for pdfs to print when I'm in the office
3. "To Use" interesting internet services to try
4. "To Buy" for gadgets I might be interested in buying
5. "To Supermemo" for concepts to memorize with supermemo [1]
6. "Books to Read"
7. "Movies to Watch"


Currently, I use del.icio.us to maintain them.  I have a menu in the
Toolbar menu that contains bookmarklets like "Add To Read" with the
following URL (one line)

javascript: function loadScript(scriptURL) { var scriptElem =
document.createElement('iframe'); scriptElem.setAttribute('src',
scriptURL); document.body.appendChild(scriptElem);}

and also Live Bookmarks that point to the RSS of the relevant lists,
and display the first 10 or so items on each list.


Here are some places I use for maintaining lists: org-mode files,
browser bookmarks, amazon basket, amazon wishlist, amazon recommended
books, watchthatpage, google alerts, delicious, movielens, citeulike.
Each of them is different, has its strengths and weaknesses, and it
would be very difficult to integrate them into a single system.  My
solution at the moment, is just to have a metalist: a list in my
org file containing URLs of all my lists.


[1] http://www.supermemo.net.pl/index.net

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