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[Ampu-dev] a volunteer

From: Stover, Michael
Subject: [Ampu-dev] a volunteer
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 13:03:45 -0500

Hi Lee and all,
      I was on K5 and offered to help with AMPU back when you posted your
story.  Sorry I'm late.

I've read some of your documentation and mailing list archives.  I have only
a vague idea of what you are designing, but this topic is very interesting
to me.

I'm not sure how well I'd fit into your team.  Most of my skills are in
Java+database+web stuff.  I'd certainly be happy to use most any
non-windows-specific technology, however.  

Philosophically, I have an XP (extreme programming) bias.  This means I
normally take a minimalist approach to solving problems, test-first design,
and requirements that make explicit what the system should allow a user to
do.  It's also another way of saying I find UML diagrams damn confusing :-)
Currently, I have at best a vague idea of what you want AMPU to be capable

However, I believe in Direct Democracy very strongly, and I'd like to see
your project succeed.  To that end, I'm willing to help in most any way you
deem appropriate.  My username on Savannah is "speek".  


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