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[Ampu-dev] Some more architecture docs

From: Lee Braiden
Subject: [Ampu-dev] Some more architecture docs
Date: 05 Mar 2002 01:52:35 +0000

Hi folks,

Haven't had as much time as I wanted today, but there are a few more
architecture docs up, specifically, under the Actors and Dictionary

Maybe you can help here, adiffer.  I'm not sure what is supposed to go
in the "Source(s)" field in the Dictionary section.

Also, I found myself drifting into implementation details with some of
the dictionary definitions.  I tried to avoid that, since I know there
are proper places for such details, such as sequence diagrams, etc. 
However, I'm not sure of a better way to define some things.  Does it
seem acceptable to you, or is this a sign of breaking things down

Lee Braiden,

"coding a better government"

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