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[Xbubble-users] xbubble v0.2.5

From: Martin Quinson
Subject: [Xbubble-users] xbubble v0.2.5
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 10:56:10 +0200
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I just released 0.2.5. Changes:

  * internationalize the code and translate it to french
  * Change the level file format to the one used in fb
  * Code of the debian package is now in the CVS. I hope Uwe won't mind.
  * Move to autoconf 2.50

I plan to release 0.3 once I've implemented the fact that only the colors
already on the board can be choosen.

For the next version, I'd like to (each of these items deserving a 0.x

 - rewamping a bit the theming mecanism (ie, use a plain text file to write
   the name of the png) and package another theme, or a
 - game server and remote play
 - Chain reaction

Naturally, any help and/or bug repport is welcome.

Thanks, Mt.

Each language has its purpose, however humble.  Each language expresses the
Yin and Yang of software.  Each language has its place within the Tao.
But do not program in COBOL if you can avoid it.
          -- The Tao of programming

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