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Re: [GNUCTT] continue talking about languages

From: Monnand
Subject: Re: [GNUCTT] continue talking about languages
Date: Mon, 6 May 2019 18:51:00 -0700


This is a friendly reminder that you are using a mailing list discussing things that may not be related to the theme of the list. In addition, I highly recommend you to send related mails under the same thread so that people could use their mail client to organize the mails accordingly. Rather than shooting multiple single sentence mails, please try to put related questions in *one* mail  so that people could rely them in batch. To make it easier for people to help you, try to organize your mail in a way that readers could easily figure out your motivation, problem, and solutions you've tried. 

Although I'm not RMS' personal assistant, the questions you asked him seems unrelated to his daily work (GNU, free software, etc.) I would not recommend you to ask questions directly to RMS before discussing it within a place like a related mailing list, unless you are directly collaborating with him.


On Mon, May 6, 2019, 18:18 microsoft gaofei <address@hidden> wrote:
Could you tell me whether French pronunciations are as regular as Spanish or Japanese?

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