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Re[2]: [Protux-support] no sound, no buses

From: Valery Beluntsov
Subject: Re[2]: [Protux-support] no sound, no buses
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 05:44:29 +0300

Hello Martin,

I have the sane problemand I "torture myself" trying to install these
ALSA drivers already during a half year or so on different linux
distribs. Usually I got  no sound at all. ALSA was working on Mandrake
9.1 only by default (not 9.2 or 9.0), but ut was very hard to compile
something, including protux.

My sound card is Creative Live! Platinum. WHat should I do wuth this?
Now I have installed the only Linux distrib, called LinuxXP (russian
release based on Fedora Core 1).

ANd then again --- it seems to me that protux should optionally
support OSS and sound output thru aRts.

>> It seems that I should have a /proc/asound/cards "directory", but when I
>> do :
>> cat /proc/asound/cards
>> it returns : no directory, or no file.
>> How comes that my computer plays sounds and that I don't have anything
>> in 
>> /proc/asound/cards ? ? ?
>> As I am really far from a linux-sound guru, I don't really understand
>> what is going on.
>> Any help will be very appreciated...
>> Following are the content of /etc/modules.conf and the output of "cat
>> /proc/modules".
>> The computer is a laptop with Fedora Core 1. I am not sure but I suppose
>> the sound card is integrated in the motherboard.
>> Do  I have troubles with the alsa module, or with the Mustux library, or
>> with Protux, or something else ? ? ?

MH> according to your modules, you are using the oss sound
MH> drivers, and not the alsa ones. Thus you won't have a /proc/asound
MH> directory. Protux cannot use oss (which is already deprecated in
MH> the newest Linux kernels). You'll have to install and use the alsa
MH> drivers ( Alsa has an oss
MH> compatibility layer, so your applications which need oss will
MH> still run.

MH> hope that helps

MH> /Martin

Best regards,
 Valery                            mailto:address@hidden

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