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Re: [Protux-support] no sound, no buses

From: Martin Herren
Subject: Re: [Protux-support] no sound, no buses
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 00:44:10 +0100

On Tue, 10 Feb 2004 00:37:18 +0100
address@hidden wrote:

> Hi the list !
> I am new to sound on linux and to Protux. I want to use Protux to record
> and reshape sounds to be played by Beast.
> It was a bit hard to install Beast, but now, it's running fine and it is
> real fun.
> I had some headaches installing Protux and finally managed to have the
> 0.20.1 version running. The interface is really cool, but . . . I don't
> have any sound coming out (or in) : on the left side of the interface, I
> have an "Invalid bus" message next to the green and the red square ligth
> for every track.
> I tried the <BV> and <BN> commands but the lists are empty.
> When I run "protux --detectbuses" (or whatever is the command option to
> display the buses), it returns : "no buses" (or something like that).
> It seems that I should have a /proc/asound/cards "directory", but when I
> do :
> cat /proc/asound/cards
> it returns : no directory, or no file.
> How comes that my computer plays sounds and that I don't have anything
> in 
> /proc/asound/cards ? ? ?
> As I am really far from a linux-sound guru, I don't really understand
> what is going on.
> Any help will be very appreciated...
> Following are the content of /etc/modules.conf and the output of "cat
> /proc/modules".
> The computer is a laptop with Fedora Core 1. I am not sure but I suppose
> the sound card is integrated in the motherboard.
> Do  I have troubles with the alsa module, or with the Mustux library, or
> with Protux, or something else ? ? ?

according to your modules, you are using the oss sound drivers, and not the 
alsa ones. Thus you won't have a /proc/asound directory. Protux cannot use oss 
(which is already deprecated in the newest Linux kernels). You'll have to 
install and use the alsa drivers ( Alsa has an oss 
compatibility layer, so your applications which need oss will still run.

hope that helps


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