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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] CK-ERP v.0.8.1 released

From: Alex Borges
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] CK-ERP v.0.8.1 released
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 10:59:29 -0500

ATTN: Lets move it to  devel ok?

> Persons and organizations do not overlap id numbers in the current
> addressbook.  They are both listed in the central table phpgw_contact and
> contact_id is a primary field with an index whick prevents a person from
> sharing the same id as anorganization.
> However, that is still only uniquieness within that app, not across multiple
> apps .. so still may not provide what you want.
> How do you do it?  Search multiple tables to ensure an id is not reused?  Or
> maintain a record somewhere that contains the next id to be used (wouldn't
> this system create a performance bottleneck?)?

Im not shure i get what the problem is. If you have a central
'transaction' table and import its key (for example) to every other
table of ck, youve achieved this.

Then, for phpgw tables that need to communicate with ck transaction
system, you make a table of 1-1 id's. Its hackish, but fast, valid and
it would work.

Another way is have a table with app , ck_id, phpgw_app_id,
phpgw_table_id, phpgw_id and an api to add,delete,get,update whole sets
of transactions from there. This way you can get ahold of everything you
did and cascade deletes all over the place.

From another point of view. Im shure ck has been working full-sweat on
his great suite. So im not gonna tell him what he should or should not
be doing. But i do wonder what is lacking in the addressbook that, as a
programmer, does not turn ck on. I mean, it has a  truckload of
functions to get any kind of data, can be integrated to any other table
in the system by the way of the delete hook.

Bjonson has helped us look at it from the outside programmer's
standpoint so lots of the knowledge to deal with the many tables also
comes from there so.... i dont get it, why not use it as backend?

I mean this in the most respectful manner. I mean, if we are going to
keep the model into the next release, i want it to be liked by ck so the
next ck release is fully integrated!

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