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[Phpgroupware-users] CK-ERP v.0.8.1 released

From: C K Wu
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] CK-ERP v.0.8.1 released
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 18:37:38 +0800
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Hello,  folks,

I have posted the first release, v.0.8.1 <file:///root/CK-ERP/SourceForge/v.0.8.1/v.0.7.3> , of CK-ERP, at SourceForge.Net.

This release focuses on three main areas:

a) The previous CK-Ledger is totally rewritten. Specifically, a new module, ck-api, is developed to encapsulate most of the common processing logics. Hopefully, this will speed up future development of new functions and features. It will also allow much faster porting of CK-ERP across to the new gen platform, if and when it is ready.

b) Security is tightened up. Transactions are now concurrent edit/delete safe. Transaction filtering is re-structured to minimize the risk of SQL injection. Script MD5 checksum is verified before frontline scripts are allowed to execute. Transaction deletion is validated before being executed. Full transaction post-insert, post-edit, pre-delete images are stored in the log table and viewable only to users with auditor's role. Obviously, this will increase the size of the log table immensely. I have done a crude benchmark. With a Duron 1800+, 1G ram, and 80G hard disk, response time for a log table with 500,000 records is bearly tolerable. Any feedback on actual performance is gratefully welcomed.

c) ck-contact. A new module models on phpgroupware's addressbook. Facility is provided to import contact records from phpgw's addressbook. This should minimize duplicate data entry effort. However, semantically there are some differences between data fields embedded in the addressbook and ck-contact. Nevertheless, if some functionalities could be developed to syncronize addressbook vs ck-contact, it would allow a combined phpgw + ck-erp to handle both frontline business communication and backend record processing within a unified computing environment. My next attention will be devoted to converting customer, vendor and employee record to make use of the ck-contact features. I hope members of the phpgw team would perhaps consider taking up the challenge of implementing the synchronization. By the way, the reason for not utilizing the addressbook data directly is that one of the design goal of CK-ERP (and of CK-Ledger) is that all transactions must have a systemwide unique id, which I think is very difficult to guarantee within the current addressbook.

Contribution from Jerre Cope in providing the sample school band chart of account is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, because there are substantial differences between CK-ERP and CK-Ledger's data structure, direct upgrade of CK-Ledger data to run within CK-ERP is not possible. Manual data transportation is required.

CK-ERP (with 16 modules, Admin, Contact Mgmt, Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Inventory, Service, AP, AR, PO, SO, Quotation, POS for Cashier, POS for Manager, HR, Staff Self Service, Payroll) runs on top of phpGroupWare. Operating platform can either be LAMP or LAPP. It provides accounting and back office functionalities to SMEs and utilizes phpgw to administer accounts/groups. Please report error and suggestion to the mailing list, address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden> . General history and expected development is available at the mailing list's Archive.

Wu Chiu Kay, aka CK Wu, aka CK (CK is the preferred alias)
Hong Kong

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