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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Crystal Reports in phpgw (OT ?)

From: Chris Weiss
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Crystal Reports in phpgw (OT ?)
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 14:08:46 +0000

what about using pdfs?

using CR you're probably going to have to make your own queries to the database
unless it supports XML-RPC/SOAP, then you could make the functions in a phpgw 
to get the data from the phpgw app's SO objects.

OT, and completely up to you... but I've used several reporting engines and CR 
is by
far the most evil and mostly unessicarily complex out there.  Yes, there are 
things only it can do, but for 95% of reporting in the world it's way to 
complex and
the slightest flinch outside their own poorly documented "way" causes the most
painfull kind of headaches.  I've developed quite the hate for that bit of 
and the lack of support the company provides.  We have one package here that 
uses it
and it's so painfull to customize that I've instead figured out it's dataset and
made reports in the software of my choice so that I can get my job done an hour
instead of a day and even get to keep my hair! :)

enough ranting, using CR for reports from phpgw you're going to have to invent 
own wheel.  Using something else you'll probably have to move some logic from 
report into the data fetching/prepairing routines, but at least here you'll get 
use a real scripting language to do it in.

Behrens, Jan (address@hidden) wrote:
>Hi List,
>I have generated several reports (Crystal Reports) for statistics on our
>tts and am trying to think of a way to have them available within tts or
>maybe the admin app. The problem is of course that I need some sort of
>API to "fill" them with data on a call. A bit of googling only turned up
>some insight on doing this with ASP and .NET - our gw is of course
>running on linux & apache...
>I wonder whether anyone has done something similar and can give me some
>tips / help or a advice on this, perhaps there even is a php addon that
>handles this?
>Thx, Jan
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