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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Crystal Reports in phpgw (OT ?)

From: Chris Weiss
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Crystal Reports in phpgw (OT ?)
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 16:12:57 +0000

it was several years ago, was using VB primatily at the time so we went with
ActiveReports since it integrates nicely into VB.  I haven't seen any php based
ones, but i haven't really looked either.  I usually just make an HTML page or
something simple

Brian Johnson (address@hidden) wrote:
>Since you've evaluated some, would you mind giving us a summary?
>Any of them php based?  (lex was talking about maybe making a phpgw based 
>Chris Weiss (address@hidden) wrote:
>>what about using pdfs?
>>using CR you're probably going to have to make your own queries to the 
>>unless it supports XML-RPC/SOAP, then you could make the functions in a phpgw 
>>to get the data from the phpgw app's SO objects.
>>OT, and completely up to you... but I've used several reporting engines and 
>>CR is by
>>far the most evil and mostly unessicarily complex out there.  Yes, there are 
>>things only it can do, but for 95% of reporting in the world it's way to 
>>complex and
>>the slightest flinch outside their own poorly documented "way" causes the most
>>painfull kind of headaches.  I've developed quite the hate for that bit of 
>>and the lack of support the company provides.  We have one package here that 
>>uses it
>>and it's so painfull to customize that I've instead figured out it's dataset 
>>made reports in the software of my choice so that I can get my job done an 
>>instead of a day and even get to keep my hair! :)
>>enough ranting, using CR for reports from phpgw you're going to have to 
>>invent your
>>own wheel.  Using something else you'll probably have to move some logic from 
>>report into the data fetching/prepairing routines, but at least here you'll 
>>get to
>>use a real scripting language to do it in.
>>Behrens, Jan (address@hidden) wrote:
>>>Hi List,
>>>I have generated several reports (Crystal Reports) for statistics on our
>>>tts and am trying to think of a way to have them available within tts or
>>>maybe the admin app. The problem is of course that I need some sort of
>>>API to "fill" them with data on a call. A bit of googling only turned up
>>>some insight on doing this with ASP and .NET - our gw is of course
>>>running on linux & apache...
>>>I wonder whether anyone has done something similar and can give me some
>>>tips / help or a advice on this, perhaps there even is a php addon that
>>>handles this?
>>>Thx, Jan
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