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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] New install -- Can't login

From: C K Wu
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] New install -- Can't login
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 17:28:32 +0800

Hello, Barry,

I have the same problem when attempting to install phpGroupWare-0.9.14
on a RedHat 8.0 machine.  I am able to trace the culprit down to line
159 of
[phpgw-dir]/login.php.  The line reads,

if (getenv(REQUEST_METHOD) != 'POST' && !isset($PHP_AUTH_USER) &&

Apparently, the problem was caused by getenv(REQUEST_METHOD).  This
had been reported as PHP bug: #17662

I managed to work around the problem by changing,


After the change, everything went back to normal.  However, I had
only tested general operations of (phpgwapi + ck-ledger).  There
may yet be other phpgw modules, which are affected by the getenv()
problem.  Btw, register_globals is set to off by default, and my
config is,

RedHat8.0, php4.2.2, Apache(httpd-2.0.40)

The other problem of the hole in your wall.  Too bad, unsolvable.


Barry Eriksen wrote:

> Hi. I have just installed phpGroupWare on WindowsXP Pro, with Apache2, PHP4
> and MySQL, but can't login to phpGroupWare itself (both the "admin" account
> and "demo" accounts fail). I get no explicit error message, just a refreshed
> "login.php" page with a "code=5" added in the URL (i.e.,
> I've reviewed the arhives back to June and saw a couple of more recent posts
> reporting similar behaviors but solutions either were not offered or did not
> work for, am asking you kind souls for help as I'm going insane.
> I'm new to all of this stuff, but don't mind hacking my way around, though
> there's a hole in the wall and my head is hurting at this point.
> I successfully:
> 1) ran the header configuration for my database connection; and
> 2) ran the setup/configuration routine to install my apps (had to run
> through this a couple of times to work through dependencies among the apps
> but all seems OK); and
> 3) setup the "admin" and 3 "demo" users.
> I have queried the MySQL database and confirmed that the setup module did in
> fact build the tables and add records for the apps and for the users. I have
> tweaked about every setup and header parameter I can think of and still the
> same result. I'm trying to run the authentication through MySQL and have
> tried with cookies and without. Have tried both php-sessions and db
> sessions, luck.
> Further inspection of the MySQL tables show no "last login" for any of the
> users, so evidently the MySQL authentication is failing hard. I gather from
> the archived posts that Apache2 is "iffy" but I really want to use it as I
> have other apps running on it well. Is the problem more likely to be in the
> PHP settings (if so I can share my phpinfo results)?
> Thanks for any help you can give me.
> Configuration details:
> WindowsXP Pro
> MySQL-3.23.53
> php4.2.3
> Apache2.0.40(Win32)mod_ssl/2.0.40 with OpenSSL0.9.6g
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