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Re: [Fwd: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Can NOT get calendar update notificat

From: Michael
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Can NOT get calendar update notification by E-Mail.]
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 16:03:18 +0900
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Hi everybody,

   Thank you so much for your helps.
Here I composed a very simple document of setting up the "Email-Notification for phpGroupWare Calendar". Please review it and modify it better it .

Thank you .
2k2-10-10 16:05

Mark A Peters (Skeeter) wrote:

In addition to these, please note that you as the owner of the event will
not receive an email.  I didn't see any reason for the mailer to send an
email to you as a notification since you just created it.  Also, any
participants that you invite to participant in the event would need to
have their "Email Notification" turned on also.  If I can remember the
wording on the preference screen it reads "Send/Receive email
notifications" (para-phrased).

Mark A Peters (Skeeter)

On 9 Oct 2002, Stephan Cremer wrote:

4. With current setting, I can both send and receive mail;

please note that a calendar update notification email will *not* always
be sent. This will happen only, if the following conditions are met:

* the event starts in the future (later than the phpgroupware host's
 current time) AND

* the owner makes a change to the event's properties (e.g. duration) OR
* one of the invited participants changes his status (e.g. accept,
 reject, ...)

Best regards,

Phpgroupware-users mailing list

Phpgroupware-users mailing list

Configure Email notification for Calendar in phpGroupWare

2k2-10-10 composed by Michael

I. Why we need the Email notification for Calendar?

After we configured the Email notification for Calendar in phpGroupWare, each time new event is created; updated, there will be a notification sent to you or the others by Email. This will help users avoid forgetting any important schedule.

NOTE: Only people other than the event composer(updater) can receive this Notification Mail, the composer/updater himself/herself will not receive that mail.

II. How to setup the Email Notification for Calendar in phpGroupWare?

1.Make sure the Email in phpGroupWare can work, you need to configure the preference for your Email:


a. Login phpGroupWare(eg: with your account; eg.”michael”

b. Select “Preference”->”E-Mail preferences”, you will enter the E-Mail preferences page;

c. There are two parts in that page: “Standard preferences” and “Custom preferences”, we can use the default settings of “Standard preferences”, but we MUST configure the “Custom preferences” with correct value:


* We need to check the “Use custom settings”;

* input “Email Account Name”, eg.” michael”;

* input “Email Password(hidden)”, eg,: the password for your account on Mail Server;

* input “Email address”, eg.: address@hidden;

* input “Mail Server”, please use :;

* input “Mail Server Type”, please choose “POP3”

Then click on “Submit”;

Now if you click the “Email” icon, phpGroupWare will bring you the Email page.

2. Configure the Calendar;


a. Select “Preference”->”Calendar preferences”;

b. check the “Send/Receive updates via Email” checkbox, then “Submit”.

3. Test you configuration.

Ask the other people to compose/update any events, and to see if you can receive any Email such like:

Subject: “Calendar Event* (Added*) #41: 10/09/2002 - 05:00:00 pm (L)”

Contents:“You have a meeting scheduled for* 10/11/2002 - 12:00:00 am”


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