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Re: Problems : start action status is always "failed to start" when chec

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: Problems : start action status is always "failed to start" when check process with matching
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 18:56:31 +0100


i have modified the fix and tested it, you can checkout the development version from svn:

make install


On Mar 18, 2011, at 7:11 PM, Martin Pala wrote:


yes, you found the root cause, thank you :)

The workaround however will cause huge memory leak, as the process tree needs freed by delprocesstree + putting it to Util_isProcessRunning() would reload the process tree unnecessarily many times during the testing cycle. The fix is attached - the processtree is refreshed only in the wait_start() and wait_stop() where it needs to be refreshed.

Please can you try the patch?


Best regards,


On Mar 18, 2011, at 2:55 AM, <address@hidden> <address@hidden> wrote:


I checked those points. ... a)  Execute and Permission is all ok. b) No problem.

And start script "jajs_spmd"  is normal end status.

But I found  a workaround(?).
Modifing a source "util.c", I added the following code which it is called "initprocesstree"  in the function "Util_isProcessRunning".

int Util_isProcessRunning(Service_T s) {
int   i;
pid_t pid = -1;


errno = 0;

if (s->matchlist) {
  /* The process table read may sporadically fail during read, because we're using glob on some platforms which may fail if the proc filesystem
   * which it traverses is changed during glob (process stopped). Note that the glob failure is rare and temporary - it will be OK on next cycle.
   * We skip the process matching that cycle however because we don't have process informations - will retry next cycle */

/* added by futa */
initprocesstree(&ptree, &ptreesize, &oldptree, &oldptreesize);  <------  Added
  if (Run.doprocess) {
    for (i = 0; i < ptreesize; i++) {

By this modifing, start action is normal end, not "failed to start".

I seems this.

Function "initprocesstree"  isn't called  after start action.

Because matching function compared with a process's tree whichi is before start action,
matching function is not matching ---- "failed to start"

Am I right in this guess ?

Thanks, Kenichi Futatsumori  in Japan.

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Subject: Re: Problems : start action status is always "failed
to start" when check process with matching

On Mar 10, 2011, at 10:25 AM,
<address@hidden> wrote:

But start action or restart action is always "failed to start".

There may only be a few reasons that Monit cannot start the
program a) the user that started Monit does not have
permission to start the process or there are other permission
problems such as if the program write to a file or b) that
the program need special environment variables, such as PATH
set. As you may or may not know, Monit strips the environment
and leave only a spartan PATH. Please check this and also any
log files such as /var/messages etc for clues. If all else
fails; strace Monit and see what actually fails.

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