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RE: Problems : start action status is always "failed to start" when chec

From: kenichi.futatsumori
Subject: RE: Problems : start action status is always "failed to start" when check process with matching
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 10:55:47 +0900


I checked those points. ... a)  Execute and Permission is all ok. b) No problem.

And start script "jajs_spmd"  is normal end status.

But I found  a workaround(?).
Modifing a source "util.c", I added the following code which it is called 
"initprocesstree"  in the function "Util_isProcessRunning".

int Util_isProcessRunning(Service_T s) {
  int   i;
  pid_t pid = -1;


  errno = 0;

  if (s->matchlist) {
    /* The process table read may sporadically fail during read, because we're 
using glob on some platforms which may fail if the proc filesystem
     * which it traverses is changed during glob (process stopped). Note that 
the glob failure is rare and temporary - it will be OK on next cycle.
     * We skip the process matching that cycle however because we don't have 
process informations - will retry next cycle */

/* added by futa */
initprocesstree(&ptree, &ptreesize, &oldptree, &oldptreesize);  <------  Added 
    if (Run.doprocess) {
      for (i = 0; i < ptreesize; i++) {

By this modifing, start action is normal end, not "failed to start".

I seems this.

Function "initprocesstree"  isn't called  after start action.

Because matching function compared with a process's tree whichi is before start 
matching function is not matching ---- "failed to start"

Am I right in this guess ?

Thanks, Kenichi Futatsumori  in Japan.

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> > But start action or restart action is always "failed to start".
> There may only be a few reasons that Monit cannot start the 
> program a) the user that started Monit does not have 
> permission to start the process or there are other permission 
> problems such as if the program write to a file or b) that 
> the program need special environment variables, such as PATH 
> set. As you may or may not know, Monit strips the environment 
> and leave only a spartan PATH. Please check this and also any 
> log files such as /var/messages etc for clues. If all else 
> fails; strace Monit and see what actually fails. 
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