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Re: Monit 4.4 - Apache Connection Failed

From: Martin Kloss
Subject: Re: Monit 4.4 - Apache Connection Failed
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 13:25:59 +0100

At 13:18 16.12.2004, you wrote:
If host name is _not_ specified monit will use an empty Host header in its HTTP request to the server. An empty host-header normally means that the http server will return output from the default (virtual)host. However this may be individual configured from server to server and I do see some servers return 403 or 503. Any response status from the server which is 400 or more is reported as an error by monit.

yeah, that's what I thought, which of course makes sense in a way :-)

I wanted to avoid that, so that I would not have to change the config file when the hostnames of the virtualhosts change or the ip address changes, but I guess I can live with that :-)

Or you can change the configuration of your httpd server/LB to return output from the default host when the host-header is empty, which is the proper thing to do :)

there is no real default host in the sense of a virtual server that actually returns a page, but I guess I'll have to create a dummy default host for the server just to fix that problem.

thanks for your help,

Martin Kloss

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