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Re: A feature(s) request-for-comment

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: A feature(s) request-for-comment
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 20:43:33 +0200
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Good suggestions :)

I think we discussed these feautures in the past and decided more or less to implement it - we can update out TODO list (next.html)

There are currently more prioritized features in my book (we are working on m/monit - central management application) and i'm limited by amount of free time.

Code contributions are welcomed ;)


Alexander wrote:
Hi there,

        I digged through archives and was unable to find something similar
        to feature(s) which I would like to suggest... So... :)
        It would be nice to have a possibility to spawn non-daemons as well
        - exactly like init does - and there is no need to specifically
        monitor pid files or something like this, especially when there is
        no pid file at all (i.e., process was not designed to create one).
        Sure, there is an workaround, but simply waiting for child's death
        is much more convenient. After all, it would allow to almost instant
        reaction to process' death :)

        Also, this would allow use of monit as a replacement for init and
        daemontools as well.

        The dependency on "cycles" is not always good thing, i.e. there is
        no clean way to define intervals in "if N restarts N..." statement -
        it would be nice to have something like "if N restart within T

        Optionally, would be nice to have custom actions for serveral levels
        of failures, i.e. - what to do on 1st failure, what to do on 2nd
        etc. failure (say, 1st time the service may be silently restarted,
        2nd-5th - restarted and warning will be sent, 6th failure - a
        warning is sent and the service is stopped.

        Any comments? :)

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