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SV: Release date for 4.4 ?

From: Anders Bolinder
Subject: SV: Release date for 4.4 ?
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 21:36:56 +0200

I'm running all the 4.4 betas ;-) but have not found any new bugs in the 
features that I am using. I was just looking for an estimate , so one or two 
months, fine. Thanks.

        > Martin has control of the 4.4 series and I'll let him answer that. But
        > in general a release is ready when it's ready. This usually means that
        > there is no known bugs. You can help out and download and test the 4.4
        > beta and report your findings :)
        > --
        > Jan-Henrik Haukeland
         From my point of view, final 4.4 could be ready in ca. one moth (it
        depends on all developers opinion of course :)

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