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Re: Different startup time from polling time?

From: Christian Hopp
Subject: Re: Different startup time from polling time?
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 12:25:22 +0200 (CEST)

On Thu, 26 Aug 2004, Jan-Henrik Haukeland wrote:

> On Aug 25, 2004, at 20:50, rory toma wrote:
> > The root problem is hard to fix...
> Yes it is.
> > How do you "fix" half a dozen external programs to "behave".
> I do not have a good answer to this, I wish I did, maybe others do? As
> I said we have had this discussion before and I think we decided that
> using a fixed time before poll is started does not really solve the
> problem. See e.g.
> If there is a strong support for re-adding this feature in monit I'm of
> course not going to oppose it. It would be interesting to know what
> Martin and Christian thinks and if they have changed their point of
> view on this feature.

The discussion was about not monitoring anything at all for a certain time
after monits start.  This feature is about not monitoring one service for
a certain time after the start of the service.  IHMO it makes a big

I definitely dont like the first one (delaying monits startup), and I find
it mostly useless.

The second one could be usefull.  Some service init scripts do weird
cleanups, inititalizations, you name it, or the services are simply queer
and ill written.  And if this time has a defined upper limit. Thus, I
think it might be usefull.  On the otherhand, well, its dangerous, too.
If the service really has a problem in the startup phase it would only
restart in the "skip" time not in the "loop" time.

I think this whole scenario is realistic. Thus, as long as the
documetation explains the possible problems or dangers I give a +1.


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