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Re: Some feature notes for monit, volume II

From: Vlada Macek
Subject: Re: Some feature notes for monit, volume II
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 13:37:50 +0200
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Marco Ermini wrote:

>> Something that I want to add (when I get time) is support for
>> generating snmp traps and also for snmp query. This, if used with
>> the html and sendmail monitoring, give you triple options. Physical
>> indicators, short of something that blows up the machine or data
>> center, probably aren't as useful. 8-)
> It would be sufficient to add the ability to "exec" a command if
> something fails. Solaris already provide an snmp_trapsend command,
> and other OSes may use something similar.
> Regards.

Monit already has this feature. You can specify EXEC "..." after THEN.
Even specifying UID and GID of the child program is possible. See manual.

Nevertheless running an external program is IMHO always expensive, slow,
unsecure and faulty. In case sending SNMP traps can be accomplished by
only a small routine, it would be probably good to have such routine
built-in the monit (I'm not experienced in SNMP). There are already some
common routines hardwired in monit (SMTP send for example). It's IMHO no
harm for this kind of program.


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