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[Announce] monit 4.3.1-beta2

From: Martin Pala
Subject: [Announce] monit 4.3.1-beta2
Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2004 22:19:07 +0200
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The monit 4.3.1-beta2 is available:

Download from:
MD5 checksum:  38aa15455e537985a504e5370b0b1645 monit-4.3.1-beta2.tar.gz
Change log:

We ask that as many as possible will help us in testing this beta.

CHANGES since version 4.3:

Version 4.3.1-beta2

*  Fix possible monit crash on opteron based systems. Thanks to Hans
   Rauch <h!rauch at help!hessen!de> for reporting the problem.

*  In the case that the monitored file's or directory's uid, gid
   or permission failed, display the invalid value and warning
   in monit HTTP interface in red font instead of green and vice
   versa in the case that the parameter will recover. Thanks to
   Andreas Rust <rust at webnova!de> for reporting the problem.

*  In the case that checksum test was specified for file, display
   actual checksum for monitored file in monit HTTP interface.
   In the case that checksum failure will occure, highligth
   the bad value by red font and display warning message in
   service status field. Thanks to Vlada Macek
   <tuttle at bbs!fsik!cvut!cz> for reporting the problem.

*  Set content type properly to 'text/xml' for xml output format
   of status page (http://localhost:2812/_status?format=xml). Thanks
   to Vlada Macek <tuttle at bbs!fsik!cvut!cz> for reporting
   the problem.

*  Add --without-accurate-mem-calcs configure option. This option
   will cause on linux the usage of faster, but less accurate memory
   calculations. Default is accurate.

*  "monit -H filename" or "monit -H < filename" prints the MD5/SHA1
   hash of the supplied file.

Version 4.3.1-beta1

*  Fix race condition between threads in the case of monit reload.
   When service stop was issued via http interface during monit
   reload, it was able to cause the crash. Monit will not accept
   connections to its http interface during reload now. Thanks
   to Peter Holdaway <pholdaway!technocom-wireless com> for
   reporting the problem.

*  Fix double free of memory in http engine which can lead to
   monit stack corruption and freeze or crash of monit during

*  Fix Solaris 7 autoconf related compilation problem.

*  Fixes for Sun Forte C compiler support.

*  Fix compile-time warning for the 64-bit monit version. Thanks
   to Pavel Urban <urbanp at mlp!cz> for reporting the problem.

*  Minor simplification of internal service control interface.

*  Log the start of monit http thread each time. During monit
   reload was not the message related to http start logged.

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