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Re: Statistics by mail + stuff

From: Thomas Oppel
Subject: Re: Statistics by mail + stuff
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 15:41:37 +0200
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Am Freitag, 12. Juli 2002 13:54 schrieb Jan-Henrik Haukeland:
> Thomas Oppel <address@hidden> writes:
> > Em, a short question for statistics by mail.
> >
> > While you're polishing up the web interface, would it be a big thing to
> > achieve the collected data as mail or/and write it to file (f.e.
> > /mydocumentroot/monit.html) without having to have the http server
> > runing?
> I have just finnished this. If you run 'monit status' you will get the
> following output (independent of if monit http running but it will be
> shown in the web interface):
>  $ ./monit status
> Process 'apache' is running with pid [4740] Uptime: 19d 7h 9m
> The test is very simple. I print the time since the processes pidfile
> was changed, it sounds too simple but works :)

Sounds sufficient for most cases. But is this reliable?
Is there a kind of marker like 'if delta now minus 'latestCheck' is less than 
'pollIntervall' print error message/break?-)

With SuSE you usually get the results from checkproc by calling 'rcmonit 
status' or '/etc/init.d/monit status', which tells you, if monit is up and 
Think I will combine both: results from checkproc and monit in init 'status'.

> I'll post the new beta in a short while.

BTW I've just uploaded the SuSE spec an stuff to contrib/suse/ and made an 
'update -d'
doc/api-docs has vanished entirely right? And web/ replaces what doc/ was?

An other thing: I took a look at savannah download area.
"You only require to follow a standard tree organisation if you want to use 
the Savannah Filelist for your project, available once you have checked the 
correspondant box in your Project Public Info. "
If yes we need something like:

And to quote the FAQ again:
"You can add a anchor as #packageversion in the link to your filelist to point 
to a particular version. For example, will point to the 
version 0.99.7 of the package sgml2x. 
You can add a variable as &highlight=version in the link to your filelist to 
highlight a particular version. For example, will hightlight 
the version 1.0.2. 

That way, we can upload any tarball - with or without corresponding rpms - and 
link to the one considered the latest stable.


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