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Re: The multi interface code

From: Rory Toma
Subject: Re: The multi interface code
Date: 01 Jul 2002 12:59:49 -0700

> Not if you do not bind to the loopback device. But the fix is easy as
> you can see in the code, at least for ip/hostname strings. 

Oh. I knew that and thought it the correct behaviour. I actually have a
situation where binding to loopback is convenient for debugging, but not
for production.

Did you leave in the code to bind to interface by name? That to me is
more important, and I can probably do without multiple indivudual
interfaces if I have that interface by name code.

It would be easy to dump the strtok (see what I get for reading man
pages...) if more parsing was done inside p.y. It would also be easy to
handle interface/ip address if they were different directives.

However, if we're not going to have it, I'll just maintain this part in
my local copy and be done with it.

> Sorry about that, Rory. BTW, I have tought about the dependency
> stuff. What do you think about using a global set statement in the
> control file (instead of a depend statement in each entry). Like:
> check A ..
> check C ..
> check B ..

I'll think about that. That might work, assuming you can have multiple
set dependency lines.

I'm going on vacation soon, so I probably won't start on this till late
July when I get back.

Rory Toma               address@hidden
VP of Run Level 5
Digeo Digital 

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