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[Linphone-users] linphone-3 (3.0.0): auto-answer and "remote" dial comma

From: Jim Diamond
Subject: [Linphone-users] linphone-3 (3.0.0): auto-answer and "remote" dial commands?
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 17:50:30 -0400
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I've just recently come across linphone; I was using gnomemeeting and
then ekiga, but the recent versions of ekiga are just not working for
me under Slackware 12.2, and I don't have much hope of them working
any time in the near future.

So far I like what I see with linphone, but the application I was
using it for has two requirements that linphone does not (seem) to

(1) I would like the gui version to be able to automatically answer
    incoming calls; and
(2) I would like the gui version to have some facility to dial out
    under program control, after it is started.
    For example, with ekiga, while it is already running, you can
    run the command
        ekiga -c sip:...
    to cause the first instance of ekiga to "dial" the given "number".
    The second instance terminates after sending the command to the
    first instance.

Maybe the developer list is really the right place for this question,
but I'll try here first.

So... is there any way to make it do what I want (without changing code)?
If not, can anyone here familiar with the code give some insight as to
whether these are
(a) easy
(b) some work, but possible, or
(c) pretty much out of the question?



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