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[Linphone-users] how to use linphone in a private network behind firewal

From: Harishkumar V
Subject: [Linphone-users] how to use linphone in a private network behind firewall/gateway
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 16:32:30 +0530

Dear All,

I have installed linphone-3.0.0 release with plugins in 2 linux x-86 machine's running fedora core 8 release.

i created 2 sip accounts in

firstly, in lan , i tested linphone using this setup,

user a -> sip:address@hidden
user b -> sip:address@hidden

it worked, voice is working. video not tried.

now i tried to test in my real network,

i am in a private network behind a firewall/gateway which is connected to internet.

in this test, the sip registration itself failed.

in linphone debug, no response from timed out came.

in my terminal, if i try to ping, it will resolve but will not ping as the firewall/gateway is in place.

guys help me in sorting out this.

Thanks and Regards,
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