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[lp-ca-on] Who runs

From: Stephen Paul Weber
Subject: [lp-ca-on] Who runs
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2019 12:58:29 -0500

Hello all!

Next year I (and others -- maybe you!) am going to be hosting a satellite (live 
streaming with local components and representation) conference of the main 
LibrePlanet conference. The event will take place here in Waterloo and will be 
an official-ish endorsed event by FSF/LibrePlanet main.‎‎

IIRC‎, someone in this group owns and operates -- it would be 
*excellent* if I could get as the URL for this 
event (mirroring the URL for the main event) -- happy to provide the hosting if 
that's in any way a barrier.

Also, since I'm emailing, if anyone knows a company that might want to sponsor 
food or conference parties -- or if you just want to volunteer to help out, hit 
me up :)
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