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Re: [lp-ca-on] Who runs

From: Sergio Durigan Junior
Subject: Re: [lp-ca-on] Who runs
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2019 15:58:01 -0400
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On Wednesday, June 26 2019, Bob Jonkman wrote:

> I'm pretty sure Blaise Alleyne has the keys to DNS for;
> if not then it's Sergio Durigan Jr.

Thanks, Bob.

Blaise owns the domain, and I manage its DNS.

> I expect it's easy enough to set up a redirect for
> since we're already doing something like
> that for and

Yeah, it's very easy to setup a redirection.

> /cc: to Blaise and Sergio directly,  not sure if they're still on the
> list...

Yep, still there!  :-)

>>> Next year I (and others -- maybe you!) am going to be hosting a
>>> satellite (live streaming with local components and representation)
>>> conference of the main LibrePlanet conference. The event will take
>>> place here in Waterloo and will be an official-ish endorsed event
>>> by FSF/LibrePlanet main.‎‎

That's awesome!

>>> IIRC‎, someone in this group owns and operates -- it
>>> would be *excellent* if I could get as
>>> the URL for this event (mirroring the URL for the main event) --
>>> happy to provide the hosting if that's in any way a barrier.

Yep, I can do that, absolutely!  I just need to know the URL.

I'm not sure I understand the part about the "hosting".  Is this going
to be a redirect only, or will we have to provide infrastucture to relay
the streaming?


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