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Re: error: glpk: support for GNU Linear Programming Kit was unavailable

From: Tim Churchfield
Subject: Re: error: glpk: support for GNU Linear Programming Kit was unavailable or disabled when Octave was built
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2019 09:38:44 +0200

Hi Julian,

Thanks for your response!

> This is line 600 of glpk.m, which is an Octave function that wraps the
> actual call to the GLPK library.
> glpm.m is always present, even when Octave was built without the GLPK
> library.

Thanks for the clarification regarding the glpk.m function.

> > If it is disabled, is this something I can download (like a normal package
> > off of source forge for example) or will I likely need the cluster admin to
> > add an up to date Octave module to the cluster that doesn't have glpk
> > disabled?
> No I don't think you can simply "add" GLPK.   If your version of Octave
> was built without it, it won't work.
> What you need is both the GLPK library AND a version of Octave that was
> built with GLPK support enabled.

For future reference, is there any reason why I would want to build
Octave without this support enabled?

> > Finally, I assume under a normal installation of Octave, glpk is also
> > installed such that this error wouldn't occur?
> Yes, it usually is.  Do you know which particular OS is used on the
> cluster ?

The current OS is Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS, Trusty Tahr. There is the option
to run the command: 'do-release-upgrade' to update to 16.04.6 LTS,
Xenial Xerus. As a result of my 'wonderful' experience updating to new
Windows versions on my own personal computer I have been hesitant to
do the same on the cluster.

Many thanks,


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