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Re: Read-only file system error when installing a package

From: Steven Evans
Subject: Re: Read-only file system error when installing a package
Date: Sun, 19 May 2019 15:06:51 -0400
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Hello Mike.
    I just read through Octave's documentation on package installation.  The documentation is fairly clear about global installation.  I think my confusion came about based on what I actually did in order to invoke global installation.     According to Octave's package installation documentation, using the global option, with the pkg command, would force global installation.  If I'm understanding it correctly the complete command would be "pkg install -forge -global parallel".     I didn't use that command, but I'm wondering if the global installation had something to do with the way I used flatpak when installing Octave 5.1.0.  My approach was based on the following link:

    "sudo" is used in order to install flatpak.  Maybe I didn't reboot, as step 4 suggests, before installing the Octave app.  As a result, maybe this triggered the package to try to install differently, since I had to use "sudo flatpak run org.octave.Octave", in order to get Octave to start.  I can only guess that that's what caused the installation to deviate from the default without using the global option with the pkg command.     As for the struct error message, I do think it could be clearer.  In addition to the message, if it also said, "ensure that you have the struct package installed", along with the command "pkg install -forge struct", I would have known to install struct with that command.     In order to learn that I needed to install struct, I googled the complete error message.  That search lead me to the following link:

    This person asked why they had to install struct first, which made me realize that I had to install struct first.     Now that I know all of this, I better understand how to interpret the error message.  However, if it had told me that I needed to install struct, there would have been no original confusion.  I thought I just needed to update my version of struct, which caused me to upgrade Octave.

Thanks again for your time and help,


On 05/19/2019 01:48 PM, Mike Miller wrote:
Hi Steven,

Kai has responded to your main question about installing the parallel
package, I just wanted to respond to a couple details in your message.

On Sat, May 18, 2019 at 19:20:03 -0400, Steven Evans wrote:
     In your message, you said that I was trying to do a global install.
Does typing "pkg install -forge parallel" mean that I'm trying to do a
global install?
Can you please read "help pkg" and let us know if that describes the
difference between a global and local install or if the docs need some
work? Any suggestions?

error: the following dependencies were unsatisfied:
    parallel needs struct >= 1.0.12
I later found out that I'm receiving that message because I have
to install struct, which is a different package.
Is there any way this error message could be improved to make it more
clear to you that the user needs to install or upgrade a package named
"struct" with the 'pkg' command?

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