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Re: Knight's tour

From: SimonAllen
Subject: Re: Knight's tour
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2019 16:04:20 -0600 (CST)

The error I am seeing is this

error: 'SpiralNumbering' undefined near line 52 column 25
error: called from
    spiralknightsmove>@<anonymous> at line 52 column 25
    spiralknightsmove at line 78 column 19

What I suddenly realised is that spiralknightsmove calls spiralNumbers  

I had it in my head that the subroutine had to be within the main code.  It
should work provided spiralknightsmove can see spiralNumbers.

So what I have done is to use 'pwd' and that tells me where Octave is
looking.  In my case it is 

>> pwd
ans = /Users/Simon

Next I accessed both files in Dropbox.  I used direct download and then
moved both files to /Users/Simon

Next to be sure I typed

>> ls

There is a lot of other stuff there folders and files but both of these
files are there

Next I opened spiralknightsmove.m in Octave and hit Run.  That gives the
error above.  So Octave is not seeing the other file even though it is in
the same path.  I am not sure why it is still not seeing it.

I am on a Mac but that should not make any difference or is it a file
permission issue?


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