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Re: Passing variables between octave processes on the same machine

From: Francesco Potortì
Subject: Re: Passing variables between octave processes on the same machine
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2019 16:32:53 +0100

>> I know that you've made a decision, but regarding"Creating small new 
>> files for each message is unfortunately not an option
>> on ssd drives" - it's not an issue. First of all, modern SSD drives have 
>> pretty long lifespan, and even swap area is located on them.
>Continuous creating/deleting 10 files a second for the purpose of 
>communication is simply bad enginnering. Modern SSD drives may be more 
>resilient, but people use old ones, some of my systems run on CF cards. 
>Definitely not designed for this type of (useless) load.
>> IIRC UNIX default time after files are flushed to disk are 25 seconds.
>For ext4 it is 5 secs. You would not want to loose 25 secs of data after 
>a power loss. I could not find the figure for NTFS.

As far as I know, on Unix short-lived files (and pipe data) are never
physically written to disk, they just live in the fs buffers in memory.
I imagine this is still true in all current operating systems that are
capable enough to run Octave.

Sure, you get all the fs overhead, so I agree that in principle it is
bad engineering, I do not think that the mass memory would suffer from

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