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Re: Passing variables between octave processes on the same machine

From: Pavel Hofman
Subject: Re: Passing variables between octave processes on the same machine
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 21:10:10 +0100
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Hi Olaf,

Thanks again.

Dne 20. 01. 19 v 19:30 Olaf Till napsal(a):
For processes within the same non-windows-machine, once you have a
channel with an Octave file number, an efficient way is with 'fsave'
and 'fload' from the 'parallel' package.

This looks very interesting. I assume I would have to start all processes in some special way to get the file number. Is there any way that would work for two unrelated octave processes running on the same machine under the same user? You mention a non-windows machine - working only for linux? Unfortunately that would be a problem for me. While I develop everything in linux, my project will have to support windows too.

For data exchange between different machines, you could look at
'var2bytea' and 'bytea2var' from the 'database' package. 'var2bytea'
returns a binary string for each input variable, similarly to save
('-', ...). This string has to be sent over and given as input to
'bytea2var' at the other side.

Great option, the database package is easy to install on any platform. I will investigate if the fsave/fload option is not available. Please is there any safe byte/byte combination to use as a separator between each serialized block?

Thanks a lot again,


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