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Re: hdf5 hdf5oct

From: jb
Subject: Re: hdf5 hdf5oct
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2018 19:06:20 -0600 (CST)

OK took a closer look at h5test.m. There's certainly some problem with the
creation of a subgroup, and the creation of a complex dataset. I think these
both could probably be made to work if I could get running in gdb,
but failing that  what I added to get the rest of the test to run was just

line  120. pre-creating the dataset seemed to be necessary for the following
h5write call.

lnes 144.145. again, pre-creating these seemed to be necessary
  h5create("test.h5","/rangetest",[10,10],'Datatype','int8'); // the [10 10]
is just an arbitrary size that's big enough

Also I renamed the variable range as it is a reserved word in octave.
However, I'm not knowledgeable to say specifically what is going on here, a
C developer might see through this stuff quite directly. At any rate my
matlab codebase which utilizes a 32 rank hdf file with no subgroups and no
complex numbers is now running in octave so the functionality if a bit
limited is still quite good. Thanks again for that tip.

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